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  HM Revenue & Customs

The Security Seal Testing Authority (S.S.T.A) acts on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs in providing a service to seal manufacturers seeking approval for their seals to be entered on the HMRC Acceptance List.


The S.S.T.A arranges independent testing of seals under criteria laid down by the European Commission Regulation 2454/93 article 386 annex 46A, together with the Security Seal Specification SSIA-98-A.

Seals which are found to be acceptable are thereafter placed in one of three groups:-

1. Those which can withstand a tensile test of 1000kgs and which have the unique reference number marked on each component in the case of two-piece seals.
2. Those which can withstand a tensile test of 250kgs, together with those two-piece seals which, although capable of meeting the physical criteria laid down under Group 1., only have the unique number on one part.
3. Indicative seals, where strength is not considered a major factor.


HM Revenue & Customs Acceptance List

The seals that are acceptable are placed on the HM Revenue & Customs Acceptance List, which is maintained by the S.S.T.A. A copy of this list can be found on HM Revenue & Customs website:, or supplied by the S.S.T.A on request.



Methods are such that seals undergoing testing become exposed to the same level of attempted compromise, as may reasonably be expected, whilst the seal is correctly fitted in accordance with manufacturers instructions and in situ on the intended application.

  Re-Testing of Security Seals
  In accordance with instructions laid down by the UK Cabinet Office Committee for Security, all security seals will attract a re-test following their acceptance for a period of five years. This has the benefit of ensuring continued quality and also that seals are examined with the advantage of developments in testing methods. Seals failing this re-test, or which are not submitted on request, will be removed from the list.


Six (6) samples of the particular seal should be submitted with data sheet and requisite fee, paid either by cheque in favour of the Security Seal Testing Authority, or by bank transfer, details of which will be supplied on request.

UK MANUFACTURERS £300 GBP which includes UK VAT on initial testing £150 GBP which includes UK VAT on re-testing
NON-UK MANUFACTURERS £250 GBP on initial testing £125 GBP on re-testing


  Contacting Us

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